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Bracelet kids - 11 (14 - 15CM)

Bracelet kids - 11 (14 - 15CM)

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Elevate your style and embrace empowerment with our Miyuki bean bracelet, each bead handcrafted by a single mom from the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Medellin, Colombia. These beads tell tales of change and resilience, symbolizing the strength within.

This fun rainbow design is full of cheerful colors, for children.
You can scan it unike QR code that comes with the bracelets to unveil the inspiring story of the single mom who crafted your jewelry and discovers the family you're impacting.

  • Material: High-quality Miyuki beads with gold beaded bean and hemp thread
  • Color Palette: Violet purple, dark purple, red and light blue
  • Clasp: Durable steel for secure and easy wear

Your purchase goes beyond owning jewelry; it directly empowers single moms and their families. Stand for equality, one bracelet at a time. #OneBraceletAtATime

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