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Bracelet 05 - Leidy

Bracelet 05 - Leidy

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Elevate your style and embrace empowerment with our Miyuki bean bracelet, each bead handcrafted by a single mom from the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Medellin, Colombia. These beads tell tales of change and resilience, symbolizing the strength within.

Adorned with elegant gold-tone hardware, the bracelet radiates luxury, and each peach boasts a unique QR code. Scan it to unveil the inspiring story of the single mom who crafted your jewelry and discover the family you're impacting.

  • Material: High-quality Miyuki beads with gold beaded bean and hemp thread
  • Color Palette: yellow, ocean blue, red and gold ( Colombian flag)
  • Clasp: Durable steel for secure and easy wear

Your purchase goes beyond owning jewelry; It's a direct contribution to empowering single moms and their families. Stand for equality, one bracelet at a time. #OneBraceletAtATime

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